A Swag Lamp For Every Style

By Rudy Goodman

Swag lamps are a space saving tribute to the 70's and 80's when their popularity was at an all time high. Hanging from a chain, these lamps were a great direct lighting source for kitchen counters, pool tables, even dining areas. Today these lamps are still popular, and can be found for any location in the home or business.

There are many unique styles of swag lamps and lamp shades today, including contemporary, retro-modern, painted glass, and silk.

Some of the more common are plastic retro-modern lamps. These lamps are often vibrant, glossy colors, or may be embroidered or painted, and can be purchased in specialty lighting stores everywhere.

The term swag is frequently applied to chandeliers that are in fact just chandeliers, with multiple light arms hanging from a chain. A swag chandelier may hang closer to its lighting target however, as a chandelier is designed to cast light over a broad area. The other advantage over a typical chandelier is that a swag lamp is usually a direct plug-in, and does not need to be hardwired into the ceiling.

Some of the most beautiful swag lamps are fitted with silk shades or other elegant fabric. These shades combine with the poetic looping of the swag lamp chain to create a cozy spot in a room. The light will cast a glow influenced by the color of the shade used.

This type of lamp is a common fixture in diners or restaurant decor. The glass may be stained or carved, and the close proximity of the lamp provides for an intimate table light. Some even introduce a unique lamp shade or swag lamp for every table in the restaurant.

While swag lamps add en eclectic touch to an old diner, club, or entertainment room, there are also variations that will add a rich elegance to a more traditional decor. These higher-end swag lamps often have velvet wrapped chains, and hand-painted glass; or their silk lamp shades are adorned with beaded trim, and even crystals.

A growing trend in these lamps is the variety of colored lamp shades available. Often in the shape of an umbrella or ball, the endless variety of colors can create amazing lighting effects for any occasion. For as little as $20 and as much as $100 or more, lamp shades are available for these types of lamps in all colors, shapes, and sizes.