Swag Lamps Are Back in Style!


It is quite easy to include swag lamps in various rooms of your home. Frequently, people envision the use of swag lighting over the dining room table. The vintage Tiffany style design is still a popular choice for dining room lighting. Online auction site, antique stores, and estate sales are good source for vintage lighting. You can find very attractive reproductions at affordable prices that will look great in your home.

Swag lamps are a good choice of lighting when you are designing a cozy nook in a family room. A comfortable chair or chaise combined with a accent table and accentuated with a swag lamp becomes a favorite place of retreat in a room. You can create this oasis of tranquility in a bedroom or in the corner of a living room. The type of lampshade you select can influence the mood of that area. In a living room, a neutral colored drum shade would keep the area sophisticated and relaxing. When creating your place of relaxation in a bedroom, you might want to select a drum shade in a pastel color and possibly one that is embellished with beads to make it dainty and attractive.

If you have a sun room or an indoor patio that you have made an extension of your living space, a swag lamp would be a great addition to that room. You can create a coastal vacation atmosphere in that area with a wicker swag lamp added to the decor. You can find wicker shades in many colors or simply paint one to specifically correlate with your color scheme.

Teenagers love the opportunity to express themselves. This type of lamp could be placed over their desk area or in any area of their room that needs a little brightening up. Choosing a Tiffany style lampshade that depicts the logo of their favorite sports team would please almost any teenager. This type of lighting could also be incorporated into a game room.

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